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**Welcome to the CPH Music Maker Space wiki!**

For info on the HANDMADE festival(9. - 12. November 2017 click this link

You are very welcome to share everything related to sound hacking, synthesizers, effects, DSP, circuit bending and what else you find might be of interest for the community.

Articles should be written in English or Danish (as these are the languages spoken by most of the community)

Writing/ editing does not require a user but it is recommended to create a user.

Examples on articles:

  • Schematics for projects you've built (with appropriate licensing/ attribution)
  • Music created using homebuilt machines or which is otherwise connected to the community
  • Pictures from events in or hosted by CPH Music Maker Space
  • Suggestions for workshops/ events
  • Interesting reading on topics such as DIY music, programming or theory
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