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SOUNDWALK with Jez riley French

Sunday, November 12th - Copenhagen


Jez will give a talk on extended field recording techniques and located sound, including examples of work created using contact microphones, hydrophones, coils, ultrasonic detectors, geophones, vlf receivers and conventional microphones. This will be in the format of an open, talk-led conversations with plenty of time for questions.

After a break for refreshments, participants will then have the opportunity to explore the locale with Jez, recordings and most importantly listening. Jez will have with him numerous microphones for participants to lend: contact mics, hydrophones, sets of small omni microphones. This session will last approx. 2 hours, during which the intention is to focus on durational listening, the importance of intuition, allowing place to impose itself and listening through the technology rather than to it. It will be suggested that participants focus on choosing one situation / place / object to recording for a reasonable duration, spending more time allowing the sound to be perceived fully.

In the evening there will be a playback / presentation session where we listen back to recordings & discuss the outcome.

Some equipment will be available to loan for the day but if you have your own recorder / microphones do bring them along. Those loaning recorders would be advised to download the pdf instruction booklet & familiarise yourself with basic operation of the recorder.

About Jez Riley French

Using intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography, Jez has been exploring his enjoyment of and interest in detail, simplicity and his emotive response to places and situations for over 3 decades.

Alongside performances, exhibitions, installations, JrF lectures and runs workshops around the world and his range of specialist microphones are widely used by recordists, sound artists, musicians, sound designers and cultural organisations. He also works as a curator of live events, a record label, of sound installations and an arts zine ‘verdure engraved’.

In recent years he has been working extensively on recordings of surfaces, spaces and situations and developing the concept of photographic scores and ‘scores for listening’, which have featured widely in publications and exhibitions.

His work has been exhibited in shows and installations alongside that of Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Pauline Oliveros, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen, Alvin Lucier, Annea Lockwood, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Stars of the Lid, Jeremy Deller, Sarah Lucas, Brian Eno, Signe Liden, Sally Ann McIntyre etc, at galleries including The Whitworth Gallery (Manchester), Tate Modern and Tate Britain, MOT - Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (Japan), Artisphere (USA).

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