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The following fabs were tested: Seeed, PCBway and EasyEDA. The fastest (most expensive shipping method was chosen). The same board files were sent measuring 5x10cm.

PCB price was around usd5 for 10pcs and the shipping around USD20. Note, that the shipping costs is not included in the overall price when paying tax and customs (told). So if the actual board price is below dkk80/ USD10 you should be ok. That's the reason why I didn't order from DirtyPCBs as their price include shipping and is above the customs limit for boards larger than 5x5cm.

  • Seeed, 20 pcs. price: delivery: , price:
  • They arrived last and the quality was bad
  • PCBway - 10pcs. price: delivery: , price:
  • These arrived first and the quality was great.
  • EasyEDA: 10pcs. price: delivery: , price:
  • The quality was ok. Arrived the day after PCBway

/Valdemar November 2017

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