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 +====== Electro-acoustic cafe ======
 +Electro-acoustic cafe is a sound installation consisting of a fully-functioning
 +espresso bar. It allows you to listen to the sound of your coffee being made, before
 +you drink it. 
 +The sound vibrations from the entire coffee-making process are picked up by
 +contact microphones. These are attached to different parts inside the espresso
 +machine – the drip tray, the boiler, the pump, the water tank, etc. There are also
 +contact microphones attached to the coffee grinder and milk frothing jug. 
 +The resulting sounds are then amplified, subjected to subtle digital processing and
 +sent out through a speaker system. All of this happens in real time, as your coffee
 +is being made. There are no triggers, loops or samples. So the whole process is
 +experienced '​live'​. This is why each individual cup sounds subtly different. ​
 +And to answer to a frequently asked question : Yes! You can actually drink the
 +coffee afterwards!
 +Electro-acoustic cafe is the brainchild of James Brewster, a former '​normal'​ barista
 +who got bored at work. EAC has appeared at many festivals and venues around
 +Europe, including CTM Berlin, Latitude UK (on the BBC stage), Exit 07
 +Luxembourg and Art's Birthday at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. It has also been
 +featured on Swedish national television SVT:1, radio P2 and the front page of
 +Sydsvenskan,​ as well as getting international media attention - including BBC
 +Radio 3 and Danish national radio.
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