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Electro-acoustic cafe

Electro-acoustic cafe is a sound installation consisting of a fully-functioning espresso bar. It allows you to listen to the sound of your coffee being made, before you drink it. The sound vibrations from the entire coffee-making process are picked up by contact microphones. These are attached to different parts inside the espresso machine – the drip tray, the boiler, the pump, the water tank, etc. There are also contact microphones attached to the coffee grinder and milk frothing jug. The resulting sounds are then amplified, subjected to subtle digital processing and sent out through a speaker system. All of this happens in real time, as your coffee is being made. There are no triggers, loops or samples. So the whole process is experienced 'live'. This is why each individual cup sounds subtly different. And to answer to a frequently asked question : Yes! You can actually drink the coffee afterwards! Electro-acoustic cafe is the brainchild of James Brewster, a former 'normal' barista who got bored at work. EAC has appeared at many festivals and venues around Europe, including CTM Berlin, Latitude UK (on the BBC stage), Exit 07 Luxembourg and Art's Birthday at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. It has also been featured on Swedish national television SVT:1, radio P2 and the front page of Sydsvenskan, as well as getting international media attention - including BBC Radio 3 and Danish national radio.

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