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Posted by: v, 2023-09-28T19:15:21Z
Posted by: NootNoot, 2023-09-28T18:31:20Z
github.com/mamonulabs/CGS_Synth/ Ken Stone CGS moduler schematics
Posted by: NootNoot, 2023-09-28T17:41:30Z
IR - Impulse Responses og dig. IR -en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impulse_response typisk brugt i film industrien til at lave algoritmer til brug af lyd/rum/rumklang de sidste 10års tid. I nyere tid er der blevet gjort nogle forsøg på at lave IR på guitarpedaler, og amps til digitale simuleringer. Foraet på "mod.audio" har med deres raspberry pi baseret guitarpedal, udviklet og integreret "aida x algoritmen" som kan prøves her til din DAW. mod.audio/aida-x-online/
Posted by: NootNoot, 2023-09-28T17:18:01Z
Inspiration til eurorack folkene! Her kan du finde Resurser til både quad VCA'er, LPG'er, Og Matrix Programmers: github.com/musicdevghost/eurorack
Posted by: v, 2023-09-27-11:47:44
Posted by: Ka, 2023-09-21T16:24:48Z
www.fjedre.dk/ fjedre i specialmål, det er da for vildt.
Posted by: v, 2023-09-20-11:55:49
musicmakerspace.dk/log/forms/img/oscillationer svg.zip
Posted by: v, 2023-09-19T12:17:32Z
Tonight at H15 from 20h! facebook.com/events/s/primi-studio-screening-hosted-/1023930575707966/
Posted by: Gintėėė, 2023-09-17T21:04:06Z
Posted by: Gintee, 2023-09-17T21:03:29Z
Posted by: v, 2023-09-11T16:56:31Z
Posted by: v, 2023-09-11T10:26:13Z
Posted by: Ginte, 2023-09-09T10:58:03Z
Posted by: v, 2023-08-24T17:00:18Z
Check out Mark's work: signal-processing.io/
Posted by: kamfer, 2023-08-24T16:25:45Z
klangmag.co/archive-and-survive/?fbclid=IwAR0p8w1KSN0k9IxqVfhRvgl2LjYUC8itRtYmzYgVJTr261geusR2KqT4g-M only you can make sure your work survives you
Posted by: Powerball CEO, 2023-08-24-18:07:51
Posted by: solud, 2023-08-20T21:33:54Z
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daisy_chain_(electrical_engineering) i like the pictures
Posted by: v, 2023-08-18-08:00:29
Posted by: B, 2023-08-17-18:41:28
Posted by: Svend, 2023-08-17-18:21:22
Posted by: solid, 2023-08-16T16:14:42Z
switching to English now I'm currently listening to an album made by a to me unknown artist. I found a writable cd with what seems to be a album consisting of 16 tracks it is very nice folkish music I'm listening to it for the second time in a row I can't decide if I want to Shazam it or keep it a mystery until I show it to a friend and they inevetebly somehow find out what the name of the artist is NEW OSCITRODES ARE UP 4 SALE ON ETSY OR IN PERSON IF YOU ARE CLOSE can I post audiofiles here on the log or maybe someone can tell me some way of hosting the files so I can link to the album I am listening to 4 now maybe I'll do a we transfer link just finished eating cornflakes kelloggs
Posted by: Hivemind, 2023-08-16T09:46:28Z
There used to be something called mindmachines, which where little devices that would synchronize a tape of sounds to the frequency of flashing lights in goggles connected to the device, the two where synchronized in such a way that it would create a "trip" like effect in the subject, a trance if you'd like. This is a link to an archived webpage for the once main player in the mindmachines game, you may find it interesting: web.archive.org/web/20080410142412/http://www.mindmodulations.com/products.html
Posted by: kapelfi, 2023-08-15T13:32:05Z
kelloggs staves med 2xg :))
Posted by: SOLUD, 2023-08-15T13:21:32Z
Jeg, Sol Udenbys er den evige oprydder jeg drikker kaffe og spiser kellogs cornflakes jeg lytter til sonology.bandcamp.com/album/post-scriptum-2-music-from-the-institute-of-sonology byttestation møllegade fund: 2x cd afspiller kasse med mange rw-dvd'er med tvoptagelser fra år ??? hvem ved hvordan man poster billeder!!! kan man poste video? hvad kan jeg gøre her?
Posted by: , 2023-08-13T17:33:14Z
Posted by: sol, 2023-08-13T17:31:40Z
post picture
Posted by: Hivemind, 2023-08-13T17:23:03Z
batdetector.freevar.com/ A link on how to build your own heterodyne ultrasound detector, a circuit wich transforms inaudbile ultrasound waves into a signal you can hear,
Posted by: rand, 2023-08-09T13:40:57Z
Posted by: rand, 2023-08-02T11:24:40Z
ASMR sound design experiments: * youtu.be/nlNHkxiH8uk * youtu.be/YKyi2A9Mwoo
Posted by: rand, 2023-08-02T11:20:48Z
synplant 2; including AI (DNN) to infer synths that sound like some input sample: youtu.be/rN7B8LUY3WU
Posted by: rand, 2023-08-02T11:18:49Z
selection of Crystal Castles: * violent dreams youtu.be/esRAdBdox3E * doe deer youtu.be/0ruvmkCq4es * cry babies youtu.be/BsJCT4UGpwo * air war youtu.be/2dK3Tzf8KwA * kept vimeo.com/206152466
Posted by: rand, 2023-08-02T10:53:02Z
Andrzej Zulawski: Szamanka youtu.be/49L3Y3cP8io
Posted by: ybz, 2023-07-31-09:25:10
Posted by: ybz, 2023-07-31-09:23:20
Posted by: ybz, 2023-07-11T10:47:04Z
Posted by: v, 2023-07-06-13:24:09
Posted by: v, 2023-07-03-13:33:15
Posted by: ybzsek, 2023-06-29T14:54:01Z
MUSIC www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2UBjxrzGCI
Posted by: Pavel, 2023-06-16T16:47:54Z
Posted by: rand, 2023-06-15T18:30:56Z
Posted by: v, 2023-06-14-12:21:30
Posted by: Martin, 2023-06-08T17:35:09Z
Posted by: v, 2023-06-02T16:16:04Z
Posted by: SP, 2023-06-02T16:15:16Z
testing RSS/atom feedature
Posted by: v, 2023-06-02T16:14:12Z
Nu med rss-feed.
Posted by: v, 2023-05-31-18:06:53
Posted by: Blubarski, 2023-05-26-14:20:43
En arkiveret artikel om fænomenet mp3 fra 2003 udgivet på den dengang førende side for techno i danmark. web.archive.org/web/20030702171437/http://www.techno.dk/artikler/72.shtml
Posted by: v, 2023-05-25-19:45:13
Posted by: ybzsek , 2023-05-25-17:26:52
you can order some tea from czech at manutea.cz, just write me, +420606535928
Posted by: v, 2023-05-23-13:53:32
Posted by: v, 2023-05-23-12:42:21
Posted by: v, 2023-05-17-11:24:29
Two spots left for tomorrow!
Sign up: valdemar at ekkoflok.dk
Posted by: v, 2023-05-11-20:02:28
Posted by: v, 2023-05-11-19:59:27
Posted by: v, 2023-05-11-19:58:40
Posted by: v, 2023-05-11-19:55:17
Posted by: PRIX DU PAIN, 2023-05-11-15:19:47
Posted by: v, 2023-05-09-16:22:28
Posted by: v, 2023-05-09-16:19:50
Ybzek PCB art!
Posted by: HD, 2023-05-09-16:16:43
Posted by: HD, 2023-05-09-16:13:55
Everybody is Kicading 😎
Posted by: v, 2023-05-09-16:07:48
Lydvandring @ 48 timer festival: www.48timerfestival.dk/program/ www.facebook.com/events/229175946391839
Posted by: rand, 2023-05-04-21:38:01
sheng instrument youtu.be/_iR-KrbeFs0 jaron lanier on something youtu.be/XW1BBbvrEYA dulcimer youtu.be/aKJvbTEnp0I
Posted by: v, 2023-05-04-20:31:35
To upload pictures go to: musicmakerspace.dk/vip-log Pass: oscillator
Posted by: SP, 2023-05-04-19:50:32
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Posted by: v, 2023-05-03-15:33:25
Posted by: v, 2023-05-03-15:32:56
Posted by: V, 2023-05-03-15:32:41
Posted by: Kevin, 2023-03-09-19:29:10
Found out someone else has already built an open source eurorack module using the RP2040 and MicroPython <a href="www.allensynthesis.co.uk";>www.allensynthesis.co.uk<;/a> maybe we should order a few PCBs?
Posted by: Kev, 2023-03-05-09:47:37
First attempt to start writing MicroPython modules for easy CV/audio prototyping. Worked with a MCP4921 DAC for the first time and got it sending out 0-5V with 4096 steps.
Posted by: Kevin, 2023-02-24-10:16:43
Breadboard friends! Thanks v for bringing the pretty pcbs https://pichenettes.github.io/mutable-instruments-diy-archive/bbf/
Posted by: Kevin, 2023-02-24-10:10:39
Ønskeliste: 22pF ceramic caps (der er electrolytic)
Posted by: V, 2023-02-23-19:46:29
Kicad hackathon!
Posted by: v, 2023-02-23-18:07:37
Ønskeliste: Eurorack minijack
Posted by: v, 2023-01-19-17:01:18
Posted by: v, 2023-01-19-16:38:57
Bipolar boost buck converter: www.ebay.com/itm/253855630718
Posted by: v, 2022-12-19-20:04:44
Posted by: rand, 2022-11-19-23:05:01
Each visit degrades website image compression a bit - glitch-art crowd-jpeg.vercel.app/
Posted by: v, 2022-11-12-12:54:12
Posted by: v, 2022-11-11-09:03:58
Tak for en fed aften!!
Posted by: v, 2022-11-11-09:01:54
Sol anbefaler:
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-18:50:24
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-18:49:58
Posted by: Nico, 2022-11-10-18:21:40
Posted by: Marc, 2022-11-10-18:15:30
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-17:55:35
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-17:53:03
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-17:45:57
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-16:18:40
Posted by: v, 2022-11-10-09:08:29
Modular extravaganza tonight in the hackspace. 👾🎛️👾🎛️👾🎛️👾🎛️ It is still possible to hack in our little workshop. Lineup: Julie Østengård, Luca Manti, Jens Paldam. fb.me/e/35D0kDxW5
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2022-11-04-17:10:04
My new album is out now!
Listen here:
Posted by: v, 2022-11-03-18:32:22
Posted by: v, 2022-11-03-18:18:23
Posted by: v, 2022-11-03-18:16:07
Emacs sat op til common lisp: portacle.github.io/
Posted by: Ekkof, 2022-10-28-20:39:58
Five to twelve,
Posted by: Ekkof, 2022-10-28-14:35:04
Hvad med en lydafspiller?
Posted by: Ekkof, 2022-10-28-13:59:03
Hvad med en .wav?
Posted by: Ekkof, 2022-10-28-13:44:22
Nu virker foto-upload, men indtil videre er det hemmeligt hvordan man gør ;-)
Juhuu!, 2022-10-27-20:30:26
Kollektiv modular 2.0!, 2022-10-27-20:29:56
Posted by: s0renp3ter, 2022-10-26-10:36:44
Updog is a replacement for Python's SimpleHTTPServer. It allows uploading and downloading via HTTP/S, can set ad hoc SSL certificates and use HTTP basic auth. github.com/sc0tfree/updog
Posted by: ekkof, 2022-10-25-22:15:26
Programmet for fredagens arrangement:
Fredag d. 28. Oktober.


Skye Løfvander, Charlotte Petersen
(med levende billeder af Jesper Dalmose)

KL. 16.OO
Lennox Raphael

KL. 16.30
Leif Dione Joensen

KL. 17.00
Jens O. Magnussen

Tribute til vennen og billedkunstneren
Lars Høeg som døde i september aar
Lars Høeg optrådte i flere af Jesper Dalmose’
paraplyvideoer i 2008 og 2009


Ambivalence (med ord af Fine Gråbøl)

Martin Lau

Shosha Florrie Raymond

KL. 21.00
Birgitte Trankjær

Sinagui (Ekkoflok og RAND)

Dennis Tuomi

KL 23.00
Posted by: Simon, 2022-10-25-20:42:51
Posted by: Valde, 2022-10-25-20:39:27
Fede mikrofoner: micbooster.com/10-clippy-and-pluggy-microphones
Posted by: Orben, 2022-10-25-20:17:16
Et webkoncept ala everythingisterrible.com/ Og iøvrigt tusind tak for dejlige rammer til læring og jeg skal komme efter dig
Posted by: Borben, 2022-10-25-20:13:23
Borbentube eller deadflix? archive.org/details/bj-and-the-bear-complete-season-1-1979
Posted by: rand, 2022-09-20-20:25:29
apropos warpinator - et skinnende nyt file-transfer program, "bob", skrevet i OCaml inkl. den nyeste p2p kryptering - skrevet af min arbejdskollega @ Robur (: github.com/dinosaure/bob .. "bob.com" binary kan endda køre på alle OS'er (med x86_64 arch) uden recompile (.com står for "Cosmopolitan" som muliggør dette) .. man overfører filerne igennem en proxy (som ikke kan se dataen pga. kryptering) - så alle kan sende til hinanden så længe de kan forbinde til proxyen, og har delt et password igennem en anden kanal (:
Posted by: Valdemar, 2022-09-09-10:48:09
File sharing tip from Martin - warpinator: github.com/linuxmint/warpinator
Posted by: rand, 2022-05-07-10:56:38
Veritasium : How Electricity Actually Works : youtu.be/oI_X2cMHNe0
Posted by: leila, 2022-02-03-18:52:30
Posted by: Leyla, 2022-02-03-18:48:08
Midnight Gospel
Posted by: v, 2022-02-03-18:46:29
The colour of pomegranate
Posted by: V, 2022-02-03-18:44:44
Experimental cinema lightcone.org/en
Posted by: v, 2022-01-31-11:44:57
Unison, ocaml two way back up system. (SSH)
Posted by: s/rnptr, 2022-01-22-11:28:08
Posted by: v, 2022-01-17-16:38:47
Posted by: v, 2022-01-13-15:46:29
Virtuel torsdagshack: meet.graffen.io/torsdagshack
Posted by: HD, 2022-01-11-18:13:22
Cool Computer Klub session going on
Posted by: Ekkoflok,2022-01-06-21:30
Livelab jam session
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2022-01-06-18:44:44
Processing visuals w/ ruby visor.live/
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2022-01-06-18:44:22
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2022-01-06-16:17:05
Torsdagshaxx-stream: livelab.app/?room=P6aBeRRVuuDfbBEJ
Posted by: n-o-d-e.net, 2021-12-25-10:25:00
The Pinouts Book is a free digital book created for designers and engineers as a quick reference for remembering the different pinout functions in your electronics projects. pinouts.org/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz2P9celU1M
Posted by: v, 2021-12-16-19:00:13
Algorave plan paper.dropbox.com/doc/18.12.21-Algorave-Stoberiet-5QhkdKmAWdgMoeV7B6eSq
Posted by: Valdemar, 2021-12-10-16:48:09
Tak for en fed oprydningsdag!
Posted by: Solenne, 2021-12-07-18:18:33
Tak for mad!
Posted by: V, 2021-12-07-10:02:26
Hej Christoffer!
Posted by: rand, 2021-12-06-21:53:46
<a href="www.rad.radio/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/mass-On-Rugby-And-Daventry-Radio-Photo--1024x1024.jpg"; onmouseover="alert("I mine crypto");">Nothing happening here</a>
Posted by: V, 2021-12-06-21:47:54
Du er velkommen til at se om du kan fucke noget op :-D
Posted by: rand, 2021-12-06-21:46:50
Problemet med filtrerede html tags er at du ville kunne lave "onmouseover" etc. events - men man kan selvf argumentere for at den her side er for folk man nogenlunde stoler på
Posted by: v, 2021-12-06-21:45:11
Eller også skulle chatten være i højre side og tekstfeltet fixed i venstre...
Posted by: v, 2021-12-06-21:43:33
Og så mangler der bare en auto-refresh, så jeg vi ikke selv skal tappe f5, når vi chatter, hehe ;-P
Posted by: v, 2021-12-06-21:42:13
Var det bedre før?
Posted by: rand, 2021-12-06-21:40:58
Fedt - og nyt layout (: .. men underlig rækkefølge i layout hehe
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2021-12-06-21:21:18
Men har fixet url-matching nu ;-)
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2021-12-06-21:20:27
Men har tænkt på at tillade nogle udvalgte tags, så man kan pimpe sine kommentarer lidt, eller måske implementere markdown.
Posted by: Ekkoflok, 2021-12-06-21:16:42
Hej Claes! Det tror jeg ikke man kan?
Posted by: ekkoflok, 2021-12-06-21:15:46
Posted by: rand, 2021-12-06-21:12:54
Nok meget smart at man ikke kan indsætte random html og js (; en idé kunne måske være at supporte et subset af markdown, inkluderet billeder
Posted by: , 2021-12-06-21:10:12
Enter text here... www.link.com
Posted by: v, 2021-12-06-21:10:01
link.dk Enter text here...
Posted by: , 2021-12-06-20:15:03
Enter text here...
Posted by: WWW, 2021-12-03-21:03:35
Prøv et link.dk
Posted by: V, 2021120315:20:01
Ikke endnu...

Posted by: J, 2021120315:19:34
Kan man indtaste <img src="test.jpg" /> ?

Posted by: Jakob, 2021120315:06:11
Nu hacker vi igen!

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021120309:53:54
Darch twtxt / yarn workshop: Neocities.org

Posted by: V, 2021120219:24:52
Spirituality in art, Kandinsky (Bauhaus) Point and line to plane

Posted by: rand, 2021112811:26:54
Videos I recorded at hydra workshop: mega.nz/folder/pkF2jBYR#yYmPNIBQdHKCuPgUYuEsNw You are free to use them I suggest putting the video on youtube/vimeo instead of facebook

Posted by: rand, 2021112723:35:52
Borrowing your log for personal notes :o sorry :P * discuss.ocaml.org/t/howtoproperlyinitializedynamicallygeneratedreactsignals/8886 * discuss.ocaml.org/t/shareyourcrazyocamlcodesnippet/8116/37 * gitlab.inria.fr/fpottier/fix//blob/master/README.md I need a feature like this on my site too! So nice for saving stuff from an untrusted machine, where I don't want to write my password for webmail :)

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112619:32:58
//send and receive sources //pb.setName("name") s1.initStream("rand") src(s1).out()

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112619:27:50

Posted by: ArtoMat, 2021112619:22:43

Posted by: rand, 2021112619:21:09
my email: rand@r7p5.earth

Posted by: V, 2021112619:03:16
a.hide() a.setCutoff(4) s0.initScreen() src(s0).modulate(osc(0.316, 0.1, 1)).rotate(0.01*(() => a.fft[0])).colorama(() => a.fft[0]*10,0,0).mask(shape(3)).out()

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112618:45:46
s0.initScreen() src(s0).modulate(osc(0.316, 0.1, 1)).rotate(1,0.01,1).out()

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112617:01:15
Hydra workshop with Mikael Kalmer! hydra.ojack.xyz

Posted by: Ayo, 2021112600:40:54
Lars fra Mars er i huset, så her går det godt :)))

Posted by: valdemar, 2021112519:26:08
Probabilistic quantizer

Posted by: valdemar, 2021112519:04:04
Probabilistic quantizer

Posted by: valdemar, 2021112518:45:39
Lars: Gaussian distribution, mccartney

Posted by: , 2021112518:34:12

Posted by: Ayo, 2021112518:14:56
Lars fra Mars er i huset, så her går det godt :)))

Posted by: Musse, 2021112518:12:00
Enter text here...

Posted by: Anonymous, 2021112518:05:00
Serge paperface/ GUI Den kollektive modular text/ dokumentation. Bo: 3dprintet tekst/ pictogram til frontpanelet. Halfdan: mere FX!!!

Posted by: SP, 2021112517:58:55
@Martin (Amsterdam) fedt, du er med i dag!

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:58:21
Hej Martin! Spil vel \m/

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:57:28
Vi har fundet en bug.

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:56:45
Vi har fundet en bug.

Posted by: Martin B, 2021112517:56:40
Her er en hilsen fra Amsterdam på denne torsdag.

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:55:02
Vi har fundet en bug.

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:51:42
SP: Neocities

Posted by: SP, 2021112517:50:37
HV Ka dt hr? Enter text here...

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:49:41
SP: Neocities

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112517:45:52
Bo lodder decade counter til den kollektive synth. Halfdan spiser pomes fritter. SP snakker twtxt. Lars og Ayo snakker Max/ MSP.

Posted by: SP, 2021112517:30:54
HV Ka dt hr? Enter text here...

Posted by: Martin B, 2021112318:17:38
Jeg har lige hentet mit floppydiskettedrev.

Posted by: HHHHH, 2021112318:00:15
Hej kære venner!

Posted by: Valdemar, 2021112119:16:41
Jeg har spist lækre rødbeder og bagt selleri. Mums.