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Lydhacking, workshops og åbent lydværksted

HANDMADE festival

Nordic Music Arts and Crafts

9th through 12th of November, 2017. Kapelvej 44 and Støberiet/ KKT Blågårds Plads 5.
More than 25 artists from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Peru, Berlin, Great Brittain amd the US contributed to and made the festival possible.
During the festivals one could experience and participate in workshops on sound electronics, visual art, field recording, concerts, performances and exibitions.
The festival was made possible by financial support from Nordisk Kulturfonds "Handmade Pulje".
Curated by Valdemar Kristensen and Michael Gaardsøe.

The HANDMADE festival poster

Handmade festival - Nordic Music Arts and Crafts - 9. - 12. November 2017

Pictures from the festival